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“Bloomsbury Gardens has worked with Adera for the past 5 years creating wonderful container gardens on our Sales Offices and display suites. We have enhanced the curbside appeal of our developments by having the patios decorated and maintained by them. Bloomsbury has given us not only beautiful containers but prompt, efficient service accommodating our schedule of openings and showings.

In recognition of our relationship with Bloomsbury in the development of award winning properties, Bloomsbury was recently made a Partner in the Adera `Pure Know How’ program. Adera has won not only the Best Builder in BC Award on the provincial level but the CHBA Grand Sam Award at the national level. Thanks to their great taste in pots and plants, our displays look great!”

Howard Steiss, Vice President of Marketing

Adera Group of Companies

“We wanted to create an outdoor dining room to complement the ambient atmosphere of our restaurant. Bloomsbury designed concrete planters that were poured over a series of steps that led to a public plaza. The planters were then filled with their custom soil mixture and the gardens installed to provide a beautiful year round green space on the patio and visible from the interior dining room. They added a lovely lionhead fountain to offset the street noise and to create a peaceful atmosphere.
They complemented the colour scheme of the interior with metallic shades in plants such as aubergine, silver, bronze, copper and black. To accent these colours they used bright green and white with deep jewel toned wine reds and burgundies in the flowers and grasses. There are dwarf yews in deep emerald green as well as katsuras in burgundy. It is an inviting and beautiful spot to have dinner in and we have had lots of complements from our customers. Bloomsbury has continued to maintain the gardens over the last few years since they were installed.”

Genaro Lorio, Chef & Owner La Terrazza

Cambie & Pacific Boulevard

“Bloomsbury Designer Gardens Ltd. was consulted one year after our building was completed to deal with some major problems in our common gardens on the third level of our new tower. During the course of the next year, they were instrumental in assisting us with the renovation process (at the strata level) and by redesigning, removing the old gardens and reconstructing the new gardens. They solved all of the issues with the old garden from soil and drainage to plant suitability and appealing design. They were sensitive to the concerns and comfort of the residents during the renovation process.
We have continued our excellent relationship with Bloomsbury as they maintain and care for our 6000 sq. ft. garden year round.”

Mark Wimmer, President The Grande Strata Council, North Vancouver
| Kevin Duguid, Vice President

Vice President, AWM Alliance (Abbey Woods Management Co.)

“When we built our Indian restaurant, we wanted a very special atmosphere that conveyed the high style of our clientele and exceptional experience of the best India has to offer in food and flavors. Bloomsbury was consulted in May after our February opening to create a patio area for diners and to make our restaurant stand out on this area of Broadway.
Bloomsbury created a Mogul style garden that reflected the exotic ambiance of the interior. There are the windmill palms, the architectural spruces, the Bengal Tiger canna lilies and so much more. The color scheme of eggplant, tangerine, coral, lime green was stunning during the summer and continues with the evergreens throughout the winter. Our restaurant has been transformed by the addition of the garden and Bloomsbury has continued to keep it in top condition.”

Lalit Sharma & Iqbal Grewal, Owners

Maurya, Broadway & Fir, Vancouver

“Bloomsbury came to my assistance when I called them to look at our rooftop patio that is used by guests year round. They eliminated all of the clutter that consisted of a myriad of small pots, planters, hanging baskets etc. Then they installed a minimum number of large terracotta planters in strategic groupings around the patio. They blocked out things we didn’t want to see and framed the beautiful views of the north shore mountains and Stanley Park.
It is such a lovely, calm and peaceful place to spend time. Our guests love the patio and go up to our roof garden just to sit and contemplate or look at the view. Bloomsbury has been great in responding to any questions since the garden was installed and come to check from time to time to ensure everything is healthy.”

Irene Roy

Times Square Suites Robson Street, Vancouver

 Notes From Private Clients  

“The pansies are quite happy. They smile and sometimes wave to me. I am being diligent about watering. See you in the spring. Thank you



I am so glad I found your company to come and landscape my patio. The large red clay pots are stunning and I get to enjoy them from the inside as well. Everything works so well with the interior design and I thank you for making the outside seamless with the inside.


West Vancouver

Am so delighted with the job you did on our balcony you have made it such a cozy area for us to sit and enjoy. A very big thank you. I appreciate the list of plants. See you when you do the follow up visits.


North Vancouver

Thanks to you for redoing my penthouse garden. I have so many visitors from LA that I am proud now to spend time on the deck or in the hot tub with them. It was so awful before you came with your magic touch.



A little note to thank you so much for the beautiful transformation of our pool area. We are just thrilled with the result, and have had so many compliments already. Thank you also to your staff for a job well done.


New Westminster

It has been a year since we started the garden project and it looks wonderful. Thank you for organizing, supervising and your careful attention to detail on the project. We appreciate your efforts greatly.


White Rock

Since we spend most of our time in Europe, we were delighted to find you in the Yellow Pages. Our decks on the penthouse in Coal Harbor look great whenever we are there. Thanks for the garden and for taking care of them in our absence.

Heinz & Eric


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